Event Partner: Optus is right behind FlyingSolo.com.au

Optus BusinessCommunications are the life line of any successful business. The new digital economy has opened up many opportunities - and it isn’t just something that benefits large business.

For small business the advancement in technology, communications and digital solutions opens up opportunities to reach new customers – whether it be through email, the office telephone, your Smartphone or the internet connection for your office; having the right technology provider behind you is essential to the success of your business.

In this new digital economy, never has this been so important.

Buzz words such as the ‘Cloud’ and ‘Cloud computing’ have also become ubiquitous with this new economy but …what is the Cloud? How can it benefit my business? And is it right for me?

This is why Optus Business  will be working closely with FlyingSolo.com.au to help you harness the power of these new technologies and how they benefit your business.

In June 2011, Optus launched Optus OfficeApps, a new portfolio of cloud services for Small & Medium Businesses. 

Optus OfficeApps is designed for growing businesses, frustrated with how time consuming it is to manage and maintain their IT systems.  It provides online email, collaboration, back up and security solutions that take the hard work out of operating a business, so you can focus more on growth rather than support.  And unlike other cloud-based solutions, Optus Office Apps provides migration assistance, up to 24/7 support, as and when you need it. For more information about Optus OfficeApps, please visit optusbusiness.com.au/officeapps.

Optus is a proud partner of the FlyingSolo.com.au and we look forward to working together, to deliver members solutions and relevant information that will help grow and support your business.

To find out more about Optus Business, visit us at www.optusbusiness.com.au 

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